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A fresh take on lessons for a healthy life.

A fresh take on lessons for a healthy life.

A fresh take on lessons for a healthy life.A fresh take on lessons for a healthy life.A fresh take on lessons for a healthy life.

Nutrition + Fitness Outline

Nutrition + Fitness for Kids

Introduction- What does it mean to be healthy?

Is it healthy to just survive, or do we want to thrive? We will cover nutrition basics, including the six classes of nutrients.

Nutrition Facts + Food Labels

Food choices seem to be endless. How do we select healthy options in all six classes of nutrients? Students will learn to read food labels, compare ingredients and understand food additives.

Body Systems and Nutrients

Gain a visual understanding of the main body systems, how they function and which nutrients fuel them.

Nutrition for Disease Prevention

Maintaining healthy food choices and a lifestyle of fitness are some of the most basic and important ways to prevent the onset of disease. Students will learn what prevents many chronic and degenerative diseases that plague society today. 

Craving Explained

Ever crave chocolate or salty chips? The craving starts with chemicals in the brain. Our goal is for students to understand why there is a physical response (in the body), to something that is simply a thought (in the mind). See food and nutrition in a different way. 

Fitness + Goal Setting

Staying fit affects every area of your health: weight, mental focus, mood. Apply practical ways to maintain fitness through adolescence and adult life. People can struggle with change. But setting goals to change one small choice at a time, even one each month, will leave you with 12 things that you have chosen to improve your health at the end of one year.


Lesson Sample

Food Choices: Labels and Keeping Track

Your activity: Nutrition Classification Crossword Puzzle gave you examples of several different nutrients.  We could create a puzzle with unique ‘ingredients’ for every day of the year. Along with a new puzzle every day, we could share an opinion or theory on which food choice is best.  You get the point; possibilities are endless! What most scientific studies can agree on is that our bodies thrive when we have a variety within all six classes (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water).

One of the best ways to know if you are getting a variety of the nutrients is to start reading Nutrition Facts labels.  For the foods you are eating that don’t come in a package with a label, you can find the nutrition facts with a quick online search.

For example, the eggs you ate for breakfast, your apple in your lunch or the piece of chicken your parents cooked for dinner will not come with a Nutrition Facts sticker.

There are several pieces of information to take in from a food label. Study the color coded diagram provided. You can also check out this link for further explanation of how to read a Nutrition Facts label. 

***This is an important step before completing the next activity.